Two men, rafting timber on the Umeå river.

Rafting timber on Umeälven. A common sight in Umeå up until the 1970's.

The story of Umeå

The story about Umeå belongs to everyone. It belongs to those who have lived here for generations, as well as to new arrivals. It is the story about how people once stopped here, settled down and started building their lives. The story about how you farmed, how new generations came to be, and how new families were built. About the building of a community and how more and more people wanted to be part of the place where we live.

It is the story about how people get engaged in building communities, start collaborations, cultivate hobbies and get educated. How music, arts and literature form our lives. How entrepreneurs create businesses and how authorities get established in a growing city. How competence and education give us the possibility and the tools to take on challeges facing our community.

Some of the stories that Umeå municipality especially wanted to tell you about during 2022 are those about the river landscape, which has had a huge importance both historically and for the future of Umeå. We want to look forward, to describe new technology, innovations and new knowledge. Circular economy and sustainability are other important questions for the future that we sant to address.

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