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Lots of people will collaborate to make 2022 a year worth remembering!

About Umeå400

Umeå turned 400 years in 2022. The year-long celebration was managed as a project by Umeå municipality.

The city of Umeå turned 400 years old, which called for a celebration! This was done by focusing towards the future, enhancing Umeå as a leading city for culture and sports, and by promoting the tourism sector.

The celebration was a collaboration with other interested parties to make sure the year became a positive experience for everyone. The historical perspectice would of course be part of the celebration. The Umeå history could be promoted in detail, focusing on the importance of the surrounding river landscape.

The actual birthday

Umeå got its city rights in June 22, 1622. On the same day in 2022, we did a celebratory program in the city center. During the summer there was also a city festival with lots of activities for citizens and visitors, young and old!

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