Main celebration - 22 June

The official anniversary day for Umeå 400 was done on Rådhustorget, with a sing-along, speeches and music by Umeå artists.

On 22 June 2022, Umeå municipality invited everyone to a celebration for all ages. Most of the programme was in Swedish only.

There were lectures, a sing-along, music by local bands and the Symphony orchestra, as well as speeches by local politicans as well as the Swedish King H.M.K Carl XVI Gustaf himself.

All in all, it really was a day to be remembered!

The program in detail

12.00 Lunch lecture with Maria Persson (dagens dam)
The museum of Women's History, Väven

13.45–14.00 Welcome greeting and celebration of an olympic winner
Comperes Tobias Morin and Lina Hognert enters the stage and celebrates olympic gold medalist Sandra Näslund.
Main stage, Rådhustorget

14.00–15.00 Sing-along with Pia Johansson
Main stage, Rådhustorget

14.00–15.00 Vernissage of Art walls at Sparken
Sparken, near Hamnmagasinet

15.30–16.00 Victor's Variety and hand-organ
The park stage, Rådhusparken

16.30–17.00 Stygian Fair
The park stage, Rådhusparken

17.00–18.00 Norrlandsoperan's Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Ola Rudner
Solist: Sofia Jannok
Main stage, Rådhustorget

18.00–18.45 Anniversary ceremony
Speaker: Swedish King H.M.K Carl XVI Gustaf, Västerbotten Governor Helene Hellmark Knutsson and Lord mayor of Umeå kommun Marie-Louise Rönnmark. Music by Norrlandsoperan's Symphony Orchestra and Katarina Barruk.
Main stage, Rådhustorget

18.45–19.15 Halm
The park stage, Rådhusparken

19.30–20.00 Annika Norlin with Avatarkvartetten
Main stage, Rådhustorget

20.00 Oknytt – När Umeå brann! (When Umeå was on fire)
Livepod: Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster. or live at stand-up-club SKUM (Restaurang Balder, Skolgatan 58D)

20.00–20.30 Mount Borg
The park stage, Rådhusparken

21.00–22.00 Tove Styrke
Main stage, Rådhustorget

22.15–23.00 Gonza-Ra
The park stage, Rådhusparken

Also: Various activities at Rådhustorget. Se how Volvo trucks used to look like and compare with the lates model.


To read more about the participants, please try this page (auto-translated with Google). Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.

On 22 June 2022, Umeå celebrated 400 years as a city.

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